10 Things to keep your kids busy during Shelter in Place

Updated: Mar 24

With the COVID-19 rapidly changing the way we do everyday life finding things to do with your kiddos seems daunting. Day one of school closures and I think we can all agree that teachers are WAY under paid and under appreciated.

So here is a list of 10 things you can do with your kids during creative time

1. Tie Dye

Yup! Some good ol Tie Dye! Who doesn't love getting down and dirty with dye and shirts. It would even be a great time to clean out your closet and find a way to jazz up your clothes you don't wear or those stained white shirts hanging in the back of your drawers. Good thing amazon is still delivering here's a great tie dye kit for the whole family:


2. Bake a new recipe

With what seems like extra time in the day baking is a great way to connect and entertain the kids. It's also a great motivator to go outside and let them run the sugar off. Try baking cookies and letting them decorate them while you are on a conference call or try making one of those recipes you've been saving on facebook! You can make this extra fun by pretending your in a baking show and "competing" against one another! Let the games begin....

3. Create Your Own Game!

I know it seems like someone is playing a game of Jumanji with the world right now so why not have some fun creating your own game! Whether you make up your own weird game of charades or create your own board game, creating your own game is a great way to help entertain those critical thinking and problem solving skills.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Have fun with this! Write clues and leave them all over the house and the prize can be screen time, ice cream, hour of free choice best part is YOU get to decide. If you have more than one child then this would be a great way for them to work together and fingers crossed stop bickering for 5 minutes. Then let the tables turn and have your kids create a scavenger hunt for you! (brace yourself for that one... )

5. Arts & Crafts

Of course this is the first thing we think about when we think of creative time however planning arts and crafts can seem very daunting especially if you don't feel like you're the craftiest person. Try looking things up on Pinterest or try KIDS'N'CRAFTZ an arts and crafts subscription box that has everything you need for crafting. Once a month get a box delivered to your door with everything you need to complete 4 crafts. They even have a sibling box so everyone can get to create their own masterpiece! You don't have to break the bank or plan anything. EASY- PEEZY! Find out more here: www.kidsncraftz.com

6. Have a "Paint Night"

Have you ever done a paint night? If not no worries you need no experience! All you need are materials and we've got the rest! Little Theater Company has weekly "paint nights" on their YouTube channel. You can purchase the recommended supplies yourself or you can purchase Little Theater Company's "paint night" packs with everything you need here. Put on the video and let your kids enjoy!

7. Make a Fort

Grab your chairs, stools, couch, blankets, pillows and more. Create a GREAT BIG fort! Show your kids how its done! Give them some snacks and send them away to their creation for the rest of the day. Just kidding you still have to check on them.

8. Learn a new language

With the internet at our finger tips combined with extra time on our hands you could become a pro at a new language. Make flash cards with the name of household items in the language you are learning and tape them around the house. For example put the flash card that means stove on the stove and the flash card that means television on the television. When we emerge from quarantine you could be a pro!

9. Have a photoshoot

This time will be in history books one day. Take pictures to remember this time. Do a photo shoot, find the craziest clothes and funkiest combinations have fun and capture it all. Print out the pictures or create a file on your computer, tablet, iPad whatever and write a few sentences about it so your family can remember these times forever!

10. Do a YouTube Challenge

If your kids watch any YouTube Family then they most likely know about some sort of Challenge that is going on. Try the "drawing blindfolded" challenge or "Not my hands" challenge. If you search "Current YouTube Challenges 2020" there is a whole list of them and videos explaining how to attempt them. OF COURSE we recommend thoroughly researching these challenges before you complete them and please be safe and make responsible choices.

These 10 things are only suggestions and can be modified in any way shape or form. Feel free to use them or lose them however we will say that our kids will look back at these times with the best memories or the worst memories it's up to us to make sure they remember these times are fun, creative and exciting!

Happy creativity!

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