We pick the best of the best 

At Little Theater Company we believe in picking the best of the best to take care of your kids! All of our staff is rigorously trained and held to the highest Little Theater Standard. We take the fact that you are trusting us with your kids very seriously, safety and fun are our number 1 priorities. All of our staff are First Aid and CPR certified. Get to know just how great they are...

Mrs. D

Founding Director 

Mrs. D comes with over 10 years of experience in theater and working with kids. It is her heart and soul. With her energetic and upbeat style she seems to pull the star out of every camper she interacts with. Mrs. D's mission is to teach every aspect of theater like set design and props to singing and dancing front and center. No stone is left unturned with Mrs. D. When she founded Little Theater Company it was her dream to make theater fun, accessible and cool for kids of all ages! 

"Theater was my happy place and taught me qualities that I still use every single day. I hope to pass this on to as many kids as possible" 

-Mrs. D 

Ms. Amanda


We welcome Ms. Amanda to the Little Theater family! She will be joining us this summer! Ms. Amanda, a bay area native, doubled majored in theatre and elementary education. She comes to us fresh off the east coast and ready to get back into the bay area lifestyle. We can't wait to learn all the fun games and strategies she's bringing with her! Summer can't come fast enough. 


"I am looking forward to joining the Little Theater Family, Working with kids is my passion"

-Ms. Amanda

Ms. DJ

Head Counselor

Ms. DJ is a Little Theater Veteran. We are excited that she will be back with us for another season of camp! A SJND senior we appreciate her loving and warm attitude and the amazing example she sets for the kids. Ms. DJ is an Honor Theater student at SJND and currently deciding which college she is going to commit to! We have been lucky to have Ms. DJ with us for the last season and can't wait to see what the future has in store for her! 

"Working with kids, there is never a dull moment. I work on trying to channel their energy into their passion and through that camp becomes so fun and so unique. They always put a smile on my face!" 

-Ms. DJ 

Mr. Jacob

Backstage coordinator

We welcome Mr. Jacob to the Little Theater Family! Mr. Jacob has signed on to be our backstage coordinator, with his extensive knowledge in theatrical lighting, set design and microphones we are very excited to offer this new part of Little Theater Camps this coming summer! 

"I want every child to be able to find what they love to do and give them the tools to run with it!" 

-Mr. Jacob


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